Hi. I’m Reimo.
I Do Google Ads.

I am an advertising manager from one of the fastest growing tech unicorns in Europe called Bolt. Maybe you have heard of it. I help businesses with online advertising. I can help with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Apple Search Ads.

About Me

I have worked in online advertsing for over 6 years. Trained by ex-Googlers who now have their own advertising agencies and who are official Google partners. In my work I focus on two things: optimising and scaling.

I have a huge experience with all of the ad platforms. I am currently mananging yearly budgets that reach 8 digits so optimising plays a huge role in my daily work. Even a 1% improvement can mean a lot of extra money for other investments.

What I Do

I help businesses evaluate the work that has done by their in-house team or agencies to make sure they get the most out of online ads.



Auditing Ad accounts to make sure you get the most out your ads.



Online ads strategy for your business to make sure you start strong.



Best practices and recommendations for in-house teams and specialists.



Become a specialist or know enough to ask the right questions from agencies.

Brands I have worked with

This is a list of some of the better known brands that I have worked with.